Dissecting Paraphrases: The Impact of Prompt Syntax and supplementary Information on Knowledge Retrieval from Pretrained Language Models
Stephan Linzbach, Dimitar Dimitrov, Stefan Dietze, Laura Kallmeyer, Kilian Evang, Hajira Jabeen
Proceedings of NAACL (long paper)

Multiword Expressions between the Corpus and the Lexicon: Universality, Idiosyncrasy, and the Lexicon-Corpus Interface
Verginica Barbu Mititelu, Voula Giouli, Stella Markantonatou, Ivelina Stoyanova, Petya Osenova, Kilian Evang, Daniel Zeman, Simon Krek, Carole Tiberius, Christian Chiarcos, Ranka Stanković
Proceedings of MWE-UD 2024 (short paper)

To Leave No Stone Unturned: Annotating Verbal Idioms in the Parallel Meaning Bank
Rafael Ehren, Kilian Evang, Laura Kallmeyer
Proceedings of MWE-UD 2024 (long paper)


Data-Driven Frame-Semantic Parsing with Tree Wrapping Grammar
Tatiana Bladier, Laura Kallmeyer, Kilian Evang
Proceedings of IWCS (long paper)

Improving Low-resource RRG Parsing with Structured Gloss Embeddings
Roland Eibers, Kilian Evang, Laura Kallmeyer
Proceedings of Field Matters (short paper)


Improving Low-resource RRG Parsing with Cross-lingual Self-training
Kilian Evang, Laura Kallmeyer, Jakub Waszczuk, Kilu von Prince, Tatiana Bladier, Simon Petitjean
Proceedings of COLING (long paper)
Grand Challenge Naver / Line Award of COLING 2022

DRS Parsing as Sequence Labeling
Minxing Shen, Kilian Evang
Proceedings of *SEM (long paper)

RRGparbank: a Parallel Role and Reference Grammar Treebank
Tatiana Bladier, Kilian Evang, Valeria Generalova, Laura Kallmeyer,
Robin Möllemann, Natalia Moors, Rainer Osswald, Simon Petitjean
Proceedings of LREC


Bootstrapping Role and Reference Gammar Treebanks via Universal Dependencies
Kilian Evang, Tatiana Bladier, Laura Kallmeyer, Simon Petitjean
Proceedings of UDW (long paper)

Improving DRS Parsing with Separately Predicted Semantic Roles
Tatiana Bladier, Gosse Minnema, Rik van Noord, Kilian Evang
Proceedings of CSTFRS


Configurable Dependency Tree Extraction from CCG Derivations
Kilian Evang
Proceedings of the Universal Dependencies Workshop (short paper)


CCGweb: a New Annotation Tool and a First Quadrilingual CCG Treebank
Kilian Evang, Lasha Abzianidze, Johan Bos
Proceedings of the Linguistic Annotation Workshop (short paper)
code demo

Cross-lingual CCG Induction
Kilian Evang
Proceedings of NAACL (long paper)

Transition-based DRS Parsing Using Stack-LSTMs
Kilian Evang
Proceedings of IWCS (system description paper)


RRGbank: a Role and Reference Grammar Corpus of Syntactic Structures Extracted from the Penn Treebank
Tatiana Bladier, Andreas van Cranenburgh, Kilian Evang, Laura Kallmeyer, Robin Möllemann, Rainer Osswald
Proceedings of TLT17


Sharing is Caring: The Future of Shared Tasks
Malvina Nissim, Lasha Abzianidze, Kilian Evang, Rob van der Goot, Hessel Haagsma, Barbara Plank, Martijn Wieling
Computational Linguistics 43(4) (Last Words)

The Groningen Meaning Bank
Johan Bos, Valerio Basile, Kilian Evang, Noortje Venhuizen, Johannes Bjerva
In Nancy Ide, James Pustejovsky (eds.): The Handbook of Linguistic Annotation. Berlin: Springer

BuzzSaw at SemEval-2017 Task 7: Global vs. Local Context for Interpreting and Locating Homographic English Puns with Sense Embeddings
Dieke Oele, Kilian Evang
Proceedings of SEMEVAL (system description paper)

The Parallel Meaning Bank: Towards a Corpus of Translations with Deep Semantic Annotations
Lasha Abzianidze, Johannes Bjerva, Kilian Evang, Hessel Haagsma, Rik van Noord, Pierre Ludmann, Duc-Duy Nguyen, Johan Bos
Proceedings of EACL (short paper)


Cross-lingual Semantic Parsing with Categorial Grammars
Kilian Evang
PhD thesis, University of Groningen

Cross-lingual Learning of an Open-domain Semantic Parser
Kilian Evang, Johan Bos
Proceedings of COLING


RoBox: CCG with Structured Perceptron for Supervised Semantic Parsing of Robotic Spatial Commands
Kilian Evang, Johan Bos
Proceedings of SEMEVAL (system description paper)


Elephant: Sequence Labeling for Word and Sentence Segmentation
Kilian Evang, Valerio Basile, Grzegorz Chrupała, Johan Bos
Proceedings of EMNLP

Kahina: A Hybrid Trace-Based and Chart-Based Debugging System for Grammar Engineering
Johannes Dellert, Kilian Evang, Frank Richter
Proceedings of HMGE (ESSLLI 2013 Workshop on High-level Methodologies for Grammar Engineering)

Scope disambiguation as a tagging task
Kilian Evang, Johan Bos
Proceedings of IWCS

Gamification for word sense labeling
Noortje Venhuizen, Valerio Basile, Kilian Evang, Johan Bos
Proceedings of IWCS


Annotating semantic roles in a lexicalised grammar environment
Johan Bos, Kilian Evang, Malvina Nissim
Proceedings of ISA-8, 8th Joint ISO-ACL SIGSEM Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation

UGroningen: Negation detection with Discourse Representation Structures
Valerio Basile, Johan Bos, Kilian Evang, Noortje Venhuizen
Proceedings of *SEM (system description paper)

Developing a large semantically annotated corpus
Valerio Basile, Johan Bos, Kilian Evang, Noortje Venhuizen
Proceedings of LREC

A platform for collaborative semantic annotation
Valerio Basile, Johan Bos, Kilian Evang, Noortje Venhuizen
Proceedings of EACL (system demonstrations)


PLCFRS parsing of English discontinuous constituents
Kilian Evang, Laura Kallmeyer
Proceedings of IWPT

Parsing Discontinuous Constituents in English
Kilian Evang
Master’s thesis, University of Tübingen


TuLiPA: Towards a multi-formalism parsing environment for Grammar Engineering
Laura Kallmeyer, Timm Lichte, Wolfgang Maier, Yannick Parmentier, Johannes Dellert, Kilian Evang
Coling 2008: Proceedings of the workshop on Grammar Engineering Across Frameworks

The metadata-database of a next generation sustainability Web-platform for language resources
Georg Rehm, Oliver Schonefeld, Andreas Witt, Timm Lehmberg, Christian Chiarcos, Hanan Bechara, Florian Eishold, Kilian Evang, Magdalena Lesthanska, Aleksandar Savkov, Matthias Stark
Proceedings of LREC

Problems of Generating German from First-Order Formulae in Automatic Translation from English to German
Kilian Evang
Bachelor’s thesis, University of Tübingen


On the lossless transformation of single-file, multi-layer annotations into multi-rooted trees
Andreas Witt, Oliver Schonefeld, Georg Rehm, Jonathan Khoo, Kilian Evang
Proceedings of Extreme Markup Languages 2007 ®