Kilian Evang /ˈkiː ˈeː.faŋ/

Portrait of Kilian Evang against a backdrop of autumn leaves

Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Computational Linguistics
Institute for Language and Information Science
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
University of Düsseldorf


A computational linguist with a keen interest in software engineering, my research interests include semantic parsing, cross-lingual learning, meaning representations, corpus building, and grammar formalisms, in particular categorial grammar.

Short Bio

2018– Postdoctoral researcher, ISI/TreeGraSP, University of Düsseldorf
2017–2018 Postdoctoral researcher/lecturer, ISI, University of Düsseldorf
2015–2017 Researcher/lecturer, CLCG/CIW, University of Groningen
2011–2017 PhD (with distinction) in Computational Semantics, University of Groningen
2008–2011 M.A. in Computational Linguistics, University of Tübingen
2005–2008 B.A. in Computational Linguistics, University of Tübingen